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Plant Healthcare

The Everett Tree Service arborists use their decades of knowledge and experience to provide thoughtful solutions to caring for your trees. We recognize common diseases and ailments that impact your trees and will recommend a prescribed treatment for each individual concern. We believe in minimizing the impact to your surrounding landscape and keeping harmful chemicals out of our environment. Our treatments are thoughtfully selected to provide the most benefit with the smallest impact to our ecosystem.
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Soil Care

The health of trees is directly linked to the health of the soil surrounding your trees. By providing the necessary and/or lacking nutrients to the soil, we can greatly impact the health of the trees. Our soil care program is specific to your property and individual needs.

Insect Disease & Control

Our tailored and targeted treatment options range from growth inhibitors, vegetation management solutions and systemic applications that can improve the health and longevity of your largest living assets.

Many common tree pests are harmful due to an imbalance in the natural ecosystem. By releasing beneficial insects, we can restore the insect balance and prevent harmful effects that can result from an overpopulation of pests.